Effect of non-genetic factors on milk yields traits in Simmental cows raised subtropical climate condition

2018-05-03T12:53:16Z (GMT) by M. Bolacali Y. Öztürk

ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to identify non-genetic parameters affecting the milk yield traits of Simmental cows raised in subtropical climate conditions. Records on 1904 lactation events of Simmental cows (N=706) during 2001-2014 were included in this study. A generalized linear model was used to investigate the effect of non-genetic factors (calving year, season, and age; lactation number; birth type; and calf sex) on real milk yield (MY), adjusted 305-d lactation milk yield (305-d MY), adjusted mature-age 305-d lactation milk yield (305-d MAMY), lactation length (LL), and dry periods (DP). The MY, 305-d MY, 305-d MAMY, LL, and DP were 6413.04kg, 6060.30kg, 6871.21 kg, 329.88d, and 57.67d, respectively, in Simmental cows. The effects of calving year, birth type, and calf sex on MY were significant (P<0.05). Calving year, calving age, birth type, and calf sex had significant effects on 305-d MY (P<0.05). The 305-d MAMY was significantly affected by calving year, birth type, and calf sex (P<0.05). In conclusion, based on the findings of the present study, the milk yield traits of Simmental cows raised at subtropical climate conditions with ideal feeding and management strategies was in accordance with world standards.