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Effects of the presence of litter on the composition of stream tadpoles' assemblages in an Atlantic Forest remnant of southeastern Brazil

posted on 27.08.2021, 12:38 by Jaime Bertoluci, Shirley Famelli, Pedro L. B. Rocha, Miguel T. Rodrigues

Abstract: Many tropical anurans use forest streams to deposit their eggs, but resource use and selection by tadpoles in tropical forests are poorly known. In the present research, we hypothesized that leaf litter and water depth affect tadpole assemblages due to adult habitat selection for oviposition and/or microhabitat selection by tadpoles. Fieldwork was carried out in the Estação Biológica de Boracéia, an Atlantic Rainforest reserve in São Paulo state, southeastern Brazil. We sampled tadpoles during a year using 40 double-entry funnel-traps distributed along four streams in the forest. Only leaf litter effects are species dependent. We discussed that habitat structure significance depends on the morphological and ecological adaptation to forage and avoid competition within the tadpole community.