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Epidemiology and control strategies for tuberculosis in countries with the largest prison populations

posted on 2022-11-22, 07:27 authored by Caroline Busatto, Dienefer Venske Bierhals, Julia Silveira Vianna, Pedro Eduardo Almeida da Silva, Lia Gonçalves Possuelo, Ivy Bastos Ramis

ABSTRACT Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious infectious disease, and its control is considered a challenge, especially among vulnerable populations such as prisoners. The occurrence of TB in prisons is an alarming public health problem in many countries. This integrative review aims to describe the epidemiology of TB and control strategies for this disease in countries with the largest prison populations. Studies have shown that it is essential to know the prevalence of TB in prisons of each country. This is because it can serve as an indication of the need for action in prisons to reduce TB rates, including improving the structure of prison environments, rapidly and accurately diagnosing new cases, identifying drug-resistant strains, and implementing effective and directly observed treatment for TB.