Evaluation of different vacuum pressure conditions on a multiphase extraction remediation system operation

ABSTRACT This study aimed to evaluate the influence of different vacuum pressure conditions on a full-scale multiphase extraction (MPE) remediation system operation, implemented in an industrial area. For this purpose, installation and continuous monitoring of one extraction well (PE) and three observation wells (POs) were performed, as well as a MPE system operating in three operational phase of vacuum pressures: -1,202; -2,517; -3,120 mmca. The results obtained allow concluding mainly thatan increase in applied vacuum pressure in PE did not necessarily result in increased gas flow rate, but caused an increase only water flow rate in the specific vacuum pressures range. The minimum operating condition of vacuum pressure applied to the MPE system resulted in the highest vacuum average value among the POs (PO-01 equal to 29.5 mmca). Increasing pressure applied by the MPE system, with concomitant deeper well drawdown of PE, does not directly influence the drawdown of water levels in the POs. The following factors were listed as potential reasons for the behavior in different operating conditions of the MPE system: head losses; accumulation of water in the extraction line; and the occurrence of rainfall. This study demonstrated the need and importance of previously evaluating the operation conditions MPE system, before thein stallation, since the increase of the vacuum pressure in PE does not necessarily lead to optimization of the process.