Evaluation of light intensity and maintenance of light curing units used in clinics in the city of Recife

Abstract Objective To evaluate the light curing equipment used in the Recife city clinics and maintenance performed on these devices. Method The professionals participated in the evaluation voluntarily and were not identified in the questionnaires that were answered by them. He was asked about the disinfection methods, the frequency of changing bulbs and the technique often employed maintenance. It also promoted the evaluation of the curing light recording the information on the make, model and date of purchase. Measuring the light intensity using a radiometer (Demetron®) it was performed. Result All light curing units were light intensity with less than 300mW/cm2; 96.7% of professionals performed the servicing of your appliances only when necessary; 100% exchanged the lamp only when it burned, 40% of light curing units found themselves attached to dental chair; 86.6% of the debris had apparatus in the optical fiber; 50% of filters had fractures, 86.66% of them had debris; 60% of professionals employed only 70° alcohol as disinfection method; 53% of respondents performed the disinfection method after each patient. Conclusion All light curing units were evaluated with light intensity below the recommended and the absence of a periodic preventive maintenance protocol.