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Evaluation of phenolic and antioxidant properties of strawberry as a function of extraction conditions

posted on 04.03.2020, 02:44 by Raquel de Pinho Ferreira Guiné, Paula Maria dos Reis Correia, Ana Cristina Ferrão, Fernando Gonçalves, Clémence Lerat, Theo El-Idrissi, Eva Rodrigo

Abstract We studied the extraction of antioxidant phenolic compounds, anthocyanins and the evaluation of antioxidant activity of strawberries in different extraction conditions, varying the type of solvent (ethanol:water (50%) and acetone:water (60%), the extraction time (15 and 60 min) and the solvent volume to sample mass ratio (5 mL/g and 20 mL/g). In addition, we performed principal component analysis and cluster analysis. The results showed that, although the two solvents tested had similar influence on total phenolic compounds extraction and antioxidant activity, the 60 minutes of extraction and the use of the solvent volume/sample mass ratio of 20 mL/g were the best extraction conditions, both for the 1st and 2nd recovered extracts. However, the solvent had a marked effect on anthocyanins’ extraction, so that acetone/water extracted almost the double as compared to ethanol/water, for the same extraction conditions. Finally, factor analysis allowed identifying a grouping structure of two components, which was confirmed by the dendogram obtained from cluster analysis.