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Experimental Investigation of Isobaric specific heat capacity (Cp) of 9-ethylcarbazole in liquid and solid state

posted on 12.06.2019, 02:49 by Ahsan Ali, Naseem Abbas, Muzamil Hussain

ABSTRACT Liquid organic hydrides, e.g. 9-ethylcarbazole, are potentially interesting hydrogen storage materials because of their reversible hydrogen sorption properties. In this study, the isobaric specific heat capacity of 9-ethylcarbazole in solid and liquid phases was investigated using adiabatic calorimeter. The experimental setup consisting of two basic components adiabatic calorimeter and pressure unit was developed. To calibrate the apparatus the specific heat of the water was measured. The experimental data points were obtained at 0.1 MPa to 0.88 MPa pressure range and 353 K to 480 K temperature range. The specific heat dependence on pressure and temperature was presented. The increase in specific heat of 9-ethylcarbazole was observed with increasing pressure and temperature for solid phase, while for liquid phase decrease in trend was observed for increasing pressure.