Fatigue performance and life prediction of CFRP plate in the RC bridge roof reinforcement

Abstract This paper investigated the fatigue properties and theoretical research on Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) RC bridge roof with new deck-pavement material. Two deck pavement schemes of CFRP-reinforced specimens were designed and tested. Four-point flexural fatigue tests were carried out on the specimens. The fatigue crack propagation, the deflection development and the CFRP strain under bridge fatigue load were researched. The test results show that the CFRP plate-reinforced specimens crack resistance performance can be improved and can bear the fatigue test load of two million times. Combined with the characteristics of the crack growth rate and fatigue damage accumulation of CFRP plate-reinforced bridge roof specimens, the fatigue life prediction analytical model for CFRP plate reinforced RC bridge roof was obtained. The fatigue life prediction model agrees well with the experimental results. The model proposed in this paper could be applied to predict the fatigue life of the CFRP plate-reinforced RC bridge roofs.