Feminine bodies and voices: education and resistance in Argentine cinema

2018-09-05T02:42:37Z (GMT) by Natacha Muriel López Gallucci

ABSTRACT The audiovisual history of women in Argentina puts in perspective the formal, thematic and stylistic markers behind the performance. Their vision of reality, the uses of the body and the processes of autopoiesis emphasize subjective aesthetic processes that transcend the social through acoustic and visual mediatization. Certainly, the history of theater, radio and Argentine cinema has not given the deserved attention to these artistic training processes and body education within the context of the history of women. The body in the filmic representation presents a little-studied historical aspect, which is part of an aesthetics of socio-cultural gender resistance. These processes resignify all our understanding of the politics of representation in Argentina, of the visible and the audible in the first three decades of the 20th century.