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Formal labor market and pandemic: analysis of labor allocation in different economic sectors

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posted on 2023-07-22, 07:05 authored by Amarildo de Paula Junior, Bruno Wroblevski, José Rodrigo Gobi, Rodrigo Monteiro Silva

Abstract The Covid-19 pandemic had several consequences for economies around the world, especially in the labor market. Considering this context, the present study analyzes which personal and socioeconomic characteristics are associated with the formal participation of individuals in the Brazilian labor market in a pandemic scenario. For this purpose, data from the PNAD Covid-19 for the year 2020 were used with the application of logistic regressions. The results indicated different relationships between the variables of gender, race and family responsibility with the probability of the individual having a formal job. In addition, it was also verified that individuals diagnosed with some health risk factor are less likely to be in a formal occupation situation. Finally, it was found that this heterogeneity also exists when considering sectoral differences.


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