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Framework proposition for diagnosing the degree of innovation perceived in companies in the built environment

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posted on 2023-03-18, 07:01 authored by Janaine Fernanda Gaelzer Timm, Roberta Picanço Casarin, Deividi Maurente Gomes da Silva, Gustavo Bridi Bellaver, Daniel Tregnago Pagnussat, Daniela Dietz Viana

Abstract Innovation is directly related to economic growth and competitiveness. Some barriers can be observed during the process of implementing innovation in civil construction, such as the lack of understanding related to the innovation benefits in the sector. Considering the importance of agents involved in construction as promoters of the innovation process, it is necessary to identify their perceptions about the innovation concept. The present study addresses how to capture the perception of innovation by the civil construction internal agents and allow the communication of innovation diagnosis in a company. The framework developed is divided into three stages: (i) development of the structure through theoretical review; (ii) rounds of applications are carried out in a case study and in the academic environment, generating adjustments to the questionnaire and infographic; and (iii) development of the final version of the framework and the suggested actions for each category). The framework proposal proved to be efficient for diagnosing the perception of innovation agents, in addition to bringing practical results on the basis for decision making with companies.