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Genetic parameters and selection gain in tropical wheat populations via Bayesian inference

posted on 2022-11-22, 07:33 authored by Henrique Caletti Mezzomo, Cleiton Renato Casagrande, Camila Ferreira Azevedo, Aluízio Borem, Willian Silva Barros, Maicon Nardino

ABSTRACT: The development process of a new wheat cultivar requires time between obtaining the base population and selecting the most promising line. Estimating genetic parameters more accurately in early generations with a view to anticipating selection means important advances for wheat breeding programs. Thus, the present study estimated the genetic parameters of F2 populations of tropical wheat and the genetic gain from selection via the Bayesian approach. To this end, the authors assessed the grain yield per plot of 34 F2 populations of tropical wheat. The Bayesian approach provided an adequate fit to the model, estimating genetic parameters within the parametric space. Heritability (h2) was 0.51. Among those selected, 11 F2 populations performed better than the control cultivars, with genetic gain of 7.80%. The following populations were the most promising: TbioSossego/CD 1303, CD 1303/TbioPonteiro, BRS 254/CD 1303, Tbio Duque/Tbio Aton, and Tbio Aton/CD 1303. Bayesian inference can be used to significantly improve tropical wheat breeding programs.