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Genotypic selection of pre-clultivars of carioca and early carioca beans for the Agreste-Sertão of Pernambuco, Brazil

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posted on 20.09.2022, 07:18 authored by Maxwel Rodrigues Nascimento, Paulo Ricardo dos Santos, Antônio Félix da Costa, Rogério Figueiredo Daher, Tâmara Rebecca Albuquerque de Oliveira, Alexandre Gomes de Souza, Kleyton Danilo da Silva Costa, Katiane da Rosa Gomes da Silva, Emmanuelle Rodrigues Araújo, Sérgio Rogério Alves de Santana, José Wilson da Silva

ABSTRACT: Genotype x environment interactions represent a major challenge in identifying and selecting genotypes responsive to different climate and soil conditions. This research evaluated and selected pre-cultivars of carioca bean and early carioca bean based on adaptability, stability, and grain yield. In the 2014 crop season, two regional competition trials were conducted in the state of Pernambuco: carioca beans (14 genotypes in Arcoverde, Belém de São Francisco, Caruaru and São João) and early carioca beans (11 genotypes in Araripina, Arcoverde, and Caruaru) and, in the 2015 crop season, with early carioca beans (11 genotypes in Araripina, Arcoverde, and Brejão). Parameters were estimated by mixed models, and the selection was performed using the Harmonic Mean of Relative Performance of Genetic Values (HMRPGV) method following three strategies: i) selection based on predicted genetic value with no interaction; ii) selection according to predicted genetic value considering each location; and iii) simultaneous selection for grain yield, adaptability, and stability. The environments influenced the phenotypic expression of the carioca and early carioca bean genotypes, representing a specific adaptation. The genotypes BRS Notável, BRS Estilo and BRS Pérola, of carioca beans, and CNFC 15875, BRS Notável and CNFC 15630, of early carioca beans, had the best results in the environments tested, regarding, simultaneously, adaptability to different soil and climate conditions, performance stability, and grain yield.