Growth and Nutrition of Angico and Canafístula under Liming and Gypsum

2018-12-26T02:57:43Z (GMT) by Giovanno de Vargas Renato Marques

ABSTRACT This study aimed to evaluate the effect of lime and gypsum application on the growth and nutrition of two leguminous trees. Treatments consisted of five rates of limestone, gypsum and a control treatment, with five replicates. Angico species (Anadanthera colubrina) and canafístula (Senna multijuga) were tested in a greenhouse experiment. Height and diameter were evaluated for a period of seven months. We evaluated the plants biomass, chemical composition, and number and dry weight of nodules on the roots. Lime increased pH, Ca2+ and Mg2+ content in soils, besides the neutralization of the Al3+. For Angico, basis saturation promoted the highest growth for canafístula it was 20%. Foliar nutritional content in the species, both, followed the order N> Ca> Mg> K> P. There were no correlations between plant growth and leaf content of nutrients.