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Hereditary hemochromatosis beyond hyperferritinemia: Clinical and laboratory investigation of the patient’s profile submitted to phlebotomy in two reference centers in southern Brazil

posted on 2023-05-23, 07:04 authored by Nathalia Kersting, Juliana Cristine Fontana, Fabiane Pohlmann de Athayde, Fernanda Marcante Carlotto, Bruna Accorsi Machado, Cristiane da Silva Rodrigues de Araújo, Leo Sekine, Tor Gunnar Hugo Onsten, Sandra Leistner-Segal

Abstract Hereditary Hemochromatosis is a disorder characterized by iron deposition in several organs and hyperferritinemia. The most studied variants are linked to the HFE gene. In Brazil, surveys that characterize this population are scarce, with no sampling in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Our objective is to carry out a data collection focusing on the profile of this population and the influence of the most frequently HFE variants. Two centers were enrolled: Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre and Hospital São Vicente de Paulo. Patients with hyperferritinemia and undergoing phlebotomy were invited. Clinical data were collected, including HFE investigation. Among the descriptive data, the allele frequency of the C282Y variant (0.252) stands out, which differs from the national scenario. Systemic arterial hypertension was the most cited comorbidity. Differences between centers were observed, highlighting higher frequency of H63D cases in HSVP (p<0.01). Genotypes were stratified according to deleterious effect of C282Y variant. Higher transferrin saturation and number of phlebotomies were observed in the C282Y/C282Y cases (p<0.001). Positive family history for hyperferritinemia was more prevalent in compound heterozygotes (p<0.01). The results presented confirm the importance of encouraging such studies and reiterate the need for greater attention to this population.


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