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Hydrodynamic pressures on a stepped spillway with an aerator system subjected to different air flow rates

posted on 2023-07-29, 07:00 authored by Rute Ferla, Carolina Kuhn Novakoski, Guilherme Santanna Castiglio, Mauricio Dai Prá, Marcelo Giulian Marques, Eder Daniel Teixeira

ABSTRACT Aerator systems promote additional insertion of air into the flow and can reduce the risk of cavitation and consequent damage to hydraulic structures. This work analyzes the hydrodynamic pressures on the steps of a physical model (with a chute inclination of 53.13º) subjected to different aeration conditions. When comparing the results with different air intake coefficients in the flow, it was concluded that the incorporation of air does not change in a generalized way all the statistical parameters associated with hydrodynamic pressures on the steps. However, with the insertion of air in the flow, there was an increase in the minimum pressure values measured in the region of the jet impact and downstream. Empirical equations for predicting the distribution of pressures on the steps under induced aeration conditions were proposed, valid for structures whose ratio between the height of the deflector and the height of the steps is equal to 0.167, with an aerator system installed at the beginning of the stepped chute.