Influence of menstrual cycle phases in functional performance of healthy and young women

ABSTRACT Female sex hormones as estrogen and progesterone are related to specific receptors located in brain regions and can influence on motor control. We analyzed the functional performance in several menstrual cycle phases in healthy and young women. The study is characterized as cross-sectional, it included 13 healthy women with regular menstrual cycle and who were not using oral contraceptive. To assess the functional performance, we used Side Hop Test (SHT), Figure of Eight Hop Test (F8T) and Modified Star Excursion Balance Test (mSEBT) applied in three phases of the menstrual cycle (menstrual, ovulation and luteal). This study established significant difference to functional tests SHT and F8T between menstrual cycle phases, with worse results for the menstrual phase. The mSEBT established no difference. We concluded that the functional performance in tests SHT and F8T was significantly worse on menstrual phase, when compared to the ovulation and luteal phases. These results can be considered for assessment and prescription of physical therapeutic conducts for women in menstrual phase, since their functional performance can be impaired.