Investigation of bioactive compounds from various avocado varieties (Persea americana Miller)

Abstract This aim of this study was to characterize five varieties of avocado for their proximal composition, physical properties, fatty acids composition, antioxidant capacity, carotenoids and minerals. Quintal variety presented the best result for total lipids, physical properties, carotenoids and minerals. All the varieties presented a predominance of monounsaturated fatty acids (60%). The major monounsaturated fatty acid was oleic acid. Among the varieties analyzed, Breda variety had greater activity results for FRAP (145%) and DPPH (1.1200 µmol TE/g) assays, Quintal had higher values for ABTS analysis, Ouro Verde presented better results for ORAC assay (23%), and Margarida had the best result for L-ORAC analysis (200 µmol ET/g).