Length-weight relationship and condition factor for twelve fish species from the Igarapé Fortaleza basin, a small tributary of the Amazonas River estuary

posted on 19.02.2020 by Marcos Sidney Brito OLIVEIRA, Luís Maurício Abdon SILVA, Luiza PRESTES, Marcos TAVARES-DIAS

ABSTRACT Length and weight data are useful in fisheries management and standard results of fish monitoring programs. Length-weight relationship (LWR) is used for estimating the weight corresponding to a given length, and the condition factor is used to compare the body condition, fatness or health of fish populations. This study aimed to estimate the LWR and the condition factor for 12 freshwater fish species from the Igarapé Fortaleza basin, a tributary of the Amazonas River system in the State of Amapá, eastern Amazon (Brazil). The coefficient of determination, the allometric condition factor and the allometric coefficient varied among species, and were compared with populations elsewhere. In 83.3% of the species, the allometric coefficient remained within the expected range. This was the first record of LWR parameters for Acestrorhynchus falcirostris.