Litter Stock in Three Forest Types in Cerrado at Distrito Federal

ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to evaluate the monthly and annual litter stock, and the seasonality in two phytophysiognomies (Cerrado stricto sensu and Gallery Forest) and one eucalyptus plantation, located in Fazenda Água Limpa, DF. The litter stock was monthly collected by using a metal jig of 0.25 m2, during one year. The material was manually sorted into leaves, bark, twigs, roots, flowers/fruits and particulate matter. There were no significant differences in the litter stock between the Gallery Forest (9.36 t ha-1) and the eucalyptus plantation (9.12 t ha-1), which were both higher than the Cerrado stricto sensu (6.08 t ha-1). The leaf fraction presented a larger amount in the three vegetation types when compared to the other fractions. There were two different patterns of litter stock seasonality: higher litter stock in the Cerrado stricto sensu and eucalyptus plantation in the dry season; and higher stock in Gallery Forest in the rainy season.