Methods for priming maize seeds

Abstract: This study aimed to evaluated different methodologies and water potentials for priming of maize seeds, in order to increase vigor. The experiment was carried out following a completely randomized design, in a factorial scheme 4x3+1, with four water potentials (0.0, -0.4, -0.8 and -1.2 MPa), three priming methods (immersion in non-aerated solution, immersion in aerated solution, paper roll) and a control. After priming, the seeds were dried and evaluated for water content, percentage and first germination count, seedlings length and dry mass, cold test and vigor index. The water potential recommended for priming maize seeds, in polyethylene glycol 6000 is -0.4 MPa for 24 hours. The priming procedures in towel paper rolls improve the quality of maize seeds.