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Occupational exposure and cancer: an umbrella review

posted on 2022-07-27, 08:30 authored by Raphael Mendonça Guimarães, Viviane Gomes Parreira Dutra, Andréia Rodrigues Gonçalves Ayres, Helena Beatriz da Rocha Garbin, Thalyta Cássia de Freitas Martins, Karina Cardoso Meira

Abstract Objective: to provide an overview of the associations between occupational exposure and risk of occurrence or death from cancer. Methods: this umbrella review used the Medline and Web of Science databases. Based on the search protocol, meta-analysis was included for several occupational circumstances and selected cancers that had some level of evidence associated with the occupation. Results: 37 meta-analysis were included, covering 18 cancer locations. By assessing the heterogeneity of studies, quality of evidence, and strength of association, results highly indicated associations between solvent exposure and multiple myeloma, asbestos and lung cancer, hydrocarbons and upper aerodigestive tract cancer, occupational stress and colorectal cancer. Conclusion: robust evidence shows an association between occupational exposures and types of cancer not initially foreseen in the guidelines for work-related cancer surveillance in Brazil. Gaps in relevant exposures require further research and more consistent meta-analysis, including: exposure to inorganic dust and lung cancer and mesothelioma; solvents and hematological tumors. Evidence of cancer in other anatomical regions was less robust, showing signs of uncertainty or bias.


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