Patient satisfaction with breast reconstructionusing musculocutaneous flap from latissimus dorsiversus from rectus abdominis: a cross-sectional study

ABSTRACT BACKGROUND: Breast cancer is the second most frequent type of cancer worldwide and the most common type among women. The treatment for this condition has evolved over recent decades with therapeutic and technological advances. Breast reconstruction techniques using musculocutaneous flaps from the latissimus dorsi and rectus abdominis have aroused interest regarding patients’ quality of life. Our goal here was to compare patients’ satisfaction scores after they underwent breast reconstruction using musculocutaneous flaps from either the latissimus dorsi or the rectus abdominis. DESIGN AND SETTING: Primary, clinical, analytical, observational and cross-sectional study conducted in a federal university and a public hospital. METHODS: Demographic and clinical data were collected. The Mini-Mental State Examination was then applied, with testing for specificity and sensitivity. Lastly, a breast evaluation questionnaire was applied to evaluate breast satisfaction among 90 women, who were divided into three groups: mastectomy (control; n = 30); breast reconstruction using flap from the latissimus dorsi (n = 30); and reconstruction using flap from the rectus abdominis (n = 30). RESULTS: The groups were homogeneous regarding the main demographic data and the questionnaire responses (P < 0.05). Compared with the control group, the reconstruction groups showed significant improvement in satisfaction (P < 0.0002) after one year. CONCLUSION: Within our sample, women who underwent breast reconstruction with flaps from either the latissimus dorsi or the rectus abdominis had similar satisfaction scores.



CC BY 4.0