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Perception of soundscape in the dam park at São José do Rio Preto, SP

posted on 06.06.2018, 02:42 by Priscilla Souza Bond, Léa Cristina Lucas de Souza, Ricardo Augusto de Souza Fernandes

Abstract This study investigates the soundscape by identifying relationships between the features of users' surroundings and their perception of the sound environment at the Dam Park in São José do Rio Preto, SP. Within a radius of 25 meters around some sample points at the park, urban attributes were identified (Sky View Factor -SVF, High Vegetation Percentage and Ground Vegetation Percentage). Measurements of equivalent continuous sound pressure levels (LAeq,T) and by 1/3 octave analysis (Leq, (f Hz)) were taken and sound descriptors (LA10, LA50, LA90) were identified. Questionnaires were applied to obtain the users' profile (gender, age, education, occupation) as well as sound pressure level perception, noise annoyance and evaluation of sound comfort. The results showed differences between users' expectations and objectives according to the days when they used the park. Furthermore, a relationship was observed between measured and perceived sound levels, although the annoyance level does not follow that same relationship. Finally, the results showed that a reduction of the sound pressure level for some frequencies is related to increasing the percentage of ground vegetation.