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Perceptions of the local government and the residents regarding rural tourism development effects. Survey in the Suceava County - Romania

posted on 27.07.2022, 08:16 authored by Adrian-Liviu Scutariu, Petronela Scutariu

ABSTRACT: Rural tourism has received more and more attention because it can contribute to increase the living standard in some rural areas, stimulate local economy and reduce the urban-rural gaps. At the same time, the preference for this type of tourism is growing, but for the efficient use of the existing potential, the involvement of local authorities and residents is needed. This paper revealed the perceptions of human resources in local government institutions and of residents in Suceava County - Romania to identify the effects of tourism development on the administrative process, living standards and natural environment. The undertaken questionnaire-based research showed that the degree of tourism development positively influenced the level of improvement of the public affairs management process in the respective administrative-territorial unit, as well as the standard of living of the local community. Regarding the influence of tourism development on the environment, the recorded results showed that the intensification of the tourism phenomenon does not strongly threaten the local environment, but it is necessary to raise awareness of the environmental impact.