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Physiographic analysis of the Atibaia River Basin and flood susceptibility mapping in the municipality of Campinas-SP, Brazil

posted on 18.06.2022, 08:28 by Bruno de Souza Garcia, Camila da Silva Dourado, Ana Maria Heuminski de Avila

Abstract This study characterized and analyzed the physiographic factors of the Atibaia River Basin and their influence on flooding processes and evaluated the susceptibility to flooding in the municipality of Campinas during the years 1985 and 2019. At first, geoprocessing techniques and indices defined in the literature were used to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Atibaia River Basin regarding its geometric, relief, and drainage attributes and its influence on flooding processes, to provide decision-making support regarding preventive and mitigating actions for the socioeconomic and environmental impacts in the region. The pedogeomorphological characteristics and land use and occupation of Campinas were applied to the Analytic Hierarchy Process using geoprocessing techniques to generate the specific mapping of the municipality’s susceptibility to flooding. The mapping allowed us to identify the critical sites of the municipality of Campinas, choosing priority areas for government action and programs regarding urban and environmental management. It can also guide new studies on the detail scale aiming to prevent and mitigate flooding events.