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Phytase in diets with different phytate concentrations for broilers

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posted on 27.07.2022, 08:27 authored by Lucas Newton Ezaki Barrilli, Marley Conceição dos Santos, Lucas Schmidt Bassi, Leandro Nagae Kuritza, Simone Gisele de Oliveira, Alex Maiorka

ABSTRACT: This study evaluated the effect of including different doses of phytase in broiler diets with different levels of phytate and reduced levels of calcium (Ca) and available phosphorus (aP), on broilers performance, digestibility (CAID), and bone characteristics. One thousand four hundred and four Cobb®500 broilers were used, distributed in a complete randomized design, and a 2x3 factorial arrangement, with two phytate levels (4.25 kg/ton - MP and 6.0 kg/ton - HP) and three phytase levels (0, 750, and 1500 FTU/kg) totalizing six treatments with nine replicates each. The animals that received phytase in their diet showed higher average feed intake and weight gain, and higher bone weight, % mineral residue, % Ca, and % P, when compared to the treatment without phytase (P < 0.01). Animals that received a diet containing HP with the inclusion of 1500FTU/kg phytase had the best CAID of nutrients (P < 0.0001). Regarding phytate, animals that received the MP diet showed a higher CAID of dry matter, and higher %P in the tibia when compared to animals that received the HP diet. The addition of phytase to diets with reduced Ca and aP levels can improve the CAIDs and bone characteristics in the presence of high phytate levels. However, reducing Ca and aP levels in the diet without adding phytase impairs the performance of broilers and has no effect on their carcass and cuts yield.