Planning and dissemination of research as a parameter of integrity in animal research

Abstract Integrity in animal research, coupled with scientific and social responsibility, demands rigor in the construction and execution of the protocol, commitment to the promotion of animal welfare and the dissemination of suitable data. Protocols for submitting projects to the Ethics Committee on Animal Use, editorial policies and dissemination of the methodology as tools to promote research integrity were analysed based on the questioning of the vulnerability of researchers not trained to fulfill this demand. The results supported the insertion of planning and dissemination of research as a parameter of integrity and adherence to the principle of 3R (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) as a guide to the decision of how much and how and why to use animals in research. We verified the efficiency of the administrative and legal instrument as a promoter of reflection on technical, ethical, social and legal conception and society. These should be subsidized by the educational role of Bioethics, carried out by committees to mitigate vulnerabilities of the researcher.