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Polarization Insensitive Compact Wide Stop-band Frequency Selective Surface

posted on 09.05.2018, 05:55 by D. Sood, C. C. Tripathi

Abstract A compact, polarization insensitive, wide stop band frequency selective surface is presented. The unit cell is designed by modifying the basic square loop FSS. The simulated value of bandwidth for transmission < ‒ 20 dB for TE incident wave is 7.7 GHz from 4.71 GHz to 12.41 GHz which is 89.95% corresponding to the center frequency of this range. It has an excellent band stop response for C and X band. The periodicity of the unit cell is the order of 0.33λ0 at the center frequency of 8.56 GHz. The total thickness of the proposed structure is 1.6mm (0.045λ0). Standard design formulas are used to evaluate the resonance frequencies and calculated values are found to be very close to the simulated ones. The proposed design is polarization insensitive and has good angular stability. An array of the proposed design is fabricated on either side of dielectric substrate FR4. The measured and simulated transmission responses are in good agreement. Proposed design can be used for many potential applications such as electromagnetic shielding, spatial filtering, sub - reflector in antennas and RCS reduction etc.