Pré-Despacho de um Sistema Hidrotérmico com Manobras e Restrições de Rampa

posted on 25.12.2019 by S. M. S. CARVALHO, COELHO M. V.

ABSTRACT The primal-dual interior point methods will be used for the problem of loss minimization in the generation predispatch of a hydroelectric and hydrothermal power system where further programmed maneuvers and ramp restrictions occur. With the variation of demand, it is necessary to carry out some scheduled maintenance for generators and to adapt the transmission network to this load, enabling it to efficiently and keeping the system stable. The thermoelectric plants, in turn, present ramp restrictions, since they need a certain time to increase as well as to reduce their energy production. The consideration of additional maneuvers and restrictions approximates the model of the predispatch problem of the Brazilian system according to the National System Operator.