Prediction of physical and chemical composition carcass of ewe lambs by 9-11th ribs section or 12th rib

SUMMARY The objective of to adjust and evaluate models for prediction the physical and chemical body composition of ewe lambs from measurements of the section 9-11 th rib (section 9-11) or the 12th rib. Thirty-six lambs were confined in individual stalls fed with increasing levels of concentrate (0; 20; 40; 60 and 80%) to reach 37.70 ± 10.23 kg to slaughter. At slaughter, the right half carcass of each animal was dissected to determine the proportion of muscle (PCM), fat (PCF), bone (PCB), crude protein (PCCP) and ether extract (PCEE). Section 9-11 and 12th rib were obtained in the left half carcass for a similar purpose. The models to prediction were adjusted as possible predictor variables PCM, PCF, PCB, and PCCP and PCEE in section 9-11 (PM9-11, PF9-11, PB9-11, PCB9-11 and PCEE9-11, respectively) or 12th rib (PM12, PF12, PO12, PCB12 and PEE12, respectively). Positive correlation was observed between PM9-11 and PCM (r = 0.69; P <0.001). The PF9-11 was correlated with PFC (r = 0.93, P <0.001). PO9-11 was positively correlated with PCB (r = 0.92, P <0.001). The PF12 generated accurate model for predicting the PCF (R2 = 0.92, P <0.001). Prediction equation for estimating of PCB from PB9-11 was more precise and accurate (R2 = 0.86, P <0.001) than PB12 (R2 = 0.55). It is possible generate models predicting of body physical and chemical components of ewes lambs from section 9-11 and 12th rib.