Prepubic urethral transposition in a male dog with extensive stenosis of the pelvic urethra

ABSTRACT We report the use of a new surgical technique in a male dog affected by extensive stenosis of intrapelvic urethra through a antepubic urethral deviation, as an alternative to prepubic urethrostomy and ablation of the external genitalia. The technique consisted initially of orchiectomy, followed by retroumbilical celiotomy, transverse section of the penis in the pre-scrotal region and transposition of this towards the abdominal cavity by making anastomosis to the prostatic urethra. The dog was evaluated clinically and by urethrography retrograde positive contrast for up to four years after the procedure without any clinical signs, changes in urine stream or stenosis image. It is concluded that the pre-pubic urethral transposition is a viable alternative treatment for this dog affected by extensive stenosis of the membranous urethra.