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Prevalence of lectures about dental esthetics and female speakers in three Brazilian conferences

posted on 2023-07-18, 07:42 authored by Karen Larissa Oliveira Conceição, Karla Danielly Alves Soares, Rafaella Mariana de Bragança, Marcos Britto Correa, Rafael Ratto Moraes, André Luis Faria-e-Silva

Abstract This study analyzed the prevalence of lectures involving esthetics in the scientific program of Brazilian dental conferences and the gender distribution of speakers. All lectures presented in three dental conferences (Bahia, São Paulo, and Goiás states) held from 2016 to 2020 were evaluated. Three investigators individually divided the lectures according to the specialties recognized by the Brazilian Federal Council of Dentistry (FCD) based on their titles. The lectures were also classified as involving or not esthetics, and the speaker`s gender was recorded. Descriptive statistical analyses were performed, and Chi-square tests assessed possible associations between factors. The words most cited in the titles of the lectures were “esthetic” (13.6%), “dentistry” (9.9%), and “treatment” (8.1%). Oral diseases were barely mentioned in the titles (up to 1.3%). The highest number of lectures was observed for the specialty of Restorative Dentistry (22.3%), followed by Prosthodontics (18.5%). Approximately one-third of lectures involved some aesthetic aspect, but this percentage ranged from 71.9 to 78.6% for the two specialties with more lectures. Regarding the speaker`s gender, the inequity was higher for lectures involving esthetics (81.6% of males) than for topics unrelated to esthetics (66.7%). More male speakers than females were observed for all specialties. The highest gender gap was observed for Pediatric Dentistry with 62.4% male speakers, although only 10.6% of FCD registered specialists were men. In conclusion, the Brazilian dental conferences analyzed seemed to favor offering lectures dealing with esthetic topics and male speakers.


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