Preventive use of toltrazuril to control coccidiosis in meat goats raised in semiarid region

This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of toltrazuril in controlling coccidiosis in meat goats raised extensively in semiarid region and determine the most appropriate age for performing treatment. Forty kids were divided by age and treated with single dose of toltrazuril at 14, 21, 28 and 35 days aged. Fecal samples were collected weekly to determine the number of oocysts per gram of feces (Oopg) after treatment. The kids were weighed weekly to determine average daily gain (ADG). All treated kids showed no oocysts in the feces by at least one week after treatment. The Oopg of treated kids regardless of age at treatment was lower than the untreated (P<0.05) along 10-11 weeks post-treatment. The ADG was similar for all treatments evaluated. The Oopg was not influenced by sex but it was by age at treatment. Kids treated at 21 days aged showed no oocysts in the feces for a longer period than the other. Preventive treatment with toltrazuril performed at 21 days aged was suitable for control of coccidiosis in kids raised extensively in semiarid region.