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Psychosocial analysis of the migratory process of Haitian men and women to Brazil: an intersectional perspective of race-ethnicity, gender, and age

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posted on 2023-09-05, 12:13 authored by Pedro Henrique Conte Gil, Adolfo Pizzinato

Abstract The aim of this paper was to analyze the psychosocial experiences of Haitian men and women migratory processes to southern Brazil, especially from an intersectional perspective of race-ethnicity, gender, and age. Fifteen migrants were interviewed: nine women, two men, and four children, who were living in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil. Data were submitted to inductive thematic analysis, which allowed the organization of three central themes: 1) motivations for migrating from Haiti to South America; 2) gender roles and their respective impacts on experiences in Brazil; and 3) reduced support network and experiences of racialized xenophobia. We discuss in which level gender and age differences, associated with the crossings of the phenomenon of racialized xenophobia, imply in different and unique psychosocial experiences for Haitians in their migratory process to Brazil, but in which most converge to a position of social marginalization.