Rapid assessment of the ichthyofauna of the southern Guiana Shield tributaries of the Amazonas River in Pará, Brazil

posted on 04.03.2020 by Guilherme M. DUTRA, Tiago M. S. FREITAS, Bruno S. PRUDENTE, Gilberto N. SALVADOR, Manuela D. V. LEÃO, Luiz A. W. PEIXOTO, Marina B. MENDONÇA, André L. NETTO-FERREIRA, Fabio R. SILVA, Luciano F. A. MONTAG, Wolmar B. WOSIACKI

ABSTRACT The Northern Pará Drainage System encompasses the left-bank tributaries of the Amazonas River in the southern Guiana Shield region of Pará state, Brazil. Five of the region’s state protected areas are considered strategic for the conservation of its biodiversity. In the present study, we assessed the ichthyofauna of the five state protected areas of the Northern Pará Drainage System. Seven expeditions were conducted between January 2008 and January 2009, which surveyed stretches of the Cuminá, Cuminapanema, Curuá, Jari, Mapuera, Nhamundá, and Paru rivers. These surveys yielded 286 species belonging to 38 families and eight orders, including seven new records of fish species for Brazil, six of which are also new records for the Amazon basin. Our results provide a valuable database for future research and conservation programs in the protected areas of the region.