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Representations of Obesity and Thinness among People with Obesity

posted on 20.09.2022, 07:19 authored by Telma Souza e Silva Gebara, Gislei Mocelin Polli, Maria Cristina Antunes

Abstract Obese people often do not feel fully accepted in society. This research aimed at understanding the Social Representations of obesity and thinness among obese people. In-depth interviews were conducted with questions about what they thought about obesity and thinness, and a questionnaire was applied with questions to characterize the participants. Sixteen adults of both genders between the ages of 20 and 58 years old, considered obese participated in the study. The interview data were analyzed by Descending Hierarchical Classification using the IRaMuTeQ software. Obesity was related to suffering, not acceptance and disease, and thinness represents well-being, happiness and the solution of all conflicts. This way of thinking can be related to the health care practices adopted by people.