Restorations with Bulk Fill restorative system: case report

ABSTRACT Bulk Fill Composite resins are restorative materials that present low tension and polymerization shrinkage, allowing them to be inserted in a single increment of up to 4 mm of thickness, in a restorative cavity. This paper aims to report a clinical case of restorations done on posterior teeth with Bulk Fill restorative system, using selective acid-etching with self-etch adhesive system. Patient, male, 24 years old, presented a carious lesion on the occlusal surface of dental element 37 and an occlusal unsatisfactory amalgam restoration, on element 36. A restorative treatment with Universal Bond 3M / ESPE and bulk fill composite resin (3M / ESPE) was done. According to the case described, it was possible to observe that the materials and techniques used restored the form and function of the teeth involved, preserving pulp vitality with a satisfactory aesthetic result. The bulk fill resins employed offer practicality and decrease clinical time, with satisfactory clinical applicability in the aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of posterior teeth.