Abstract This text aimed to share questions and reflections provoked by the challenge of organizing the syllabus project, in cycle regime, of the health courses of the universidade Federal do Sul da Bahia. Inspired by the American University system, which has colleges as the initial level of training, the first cycle of the health course is composed of an Interdisciplinary Bachelor in Health, lasting three years, and a proposal for training teachers for high school with a focus on Health Promotion, Quality of Life and Inclusive Education, still in preliminary phase of elaboration, reinforcing the integration of the university into the general system of education. The inspiration is the work and life of Anísio Teixeira, which reveals itself in two planes: in his project of a Popular University and in the concept of the democratic school, incorporated as a practical effect in the model of Escola Parque, especially in the themes of integral, inclusive education, founded on concrete practices. Regarding the teaching-learning processes present in the Anisian work, the text highlights the value of critical pedagogies founded on the ability to ‘learn by doing’ and the role of science and technology as a cultural distinctive of modernity.