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Scenarios from the Eta Model on quality and hydrological quantity in the Atlantic Forest, Southern Brazil

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posted on 24.07.2019, 02:54 by Adilson Pinheiro, Vander Kaufmann, Gustavo Antonio Piazza, Claudia Guimarães Camargo Campo

ABSTRACT This work evaluated the response of two scenarios (4.5 and 8.5) of the Eta Model on the quality (sediment - TSS, nitrate - NO3- and phosphate - PO43-) and quantity (flow - Q) of the Concordia Catchment in the Atlantic forest biome. The importance of the work lies in the comparison of both scenarios until 2099, using current agricultural practices (2016). The SWAT model normally used for hydrological purposes has been applied to evaluate water quality from the monitoring programme database (2010-2014). Q showed a non-accentuated, upward trend. Modifications in Q were transmitted to TSS and PO43-. There was no significant difference between the tested scenarios.