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Seismic signature of mudflow tremor resulted from Brumadinho (Brazil) tailings dam failure

posted on 2021-03-27, 04:05 authored by Yawar Hussain, Omar Hamza, Xinghui Huang, André Carlos Silva, Cristobal Condori, Rogério Uagoda, André Luís Brasil Cavalcante

Abstract Mudflow is often associated with seismic activities. The present study applied a seismic based detection of the surface waves generated by the mudflow of Brumadinho dam collapse using records of Brazilian Seismographic Network. The signal envelope and time-frequency spectrograms of the mudflow signals were used in the analysis. As a result, the mudflow signals were successfully detected from the data recorded at a nearby seismic station. The findings of this study provide a good basis for future research to develop a flood early warning system based on cost-effective, remote and contentious seismic monitoring approaches.


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