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Selection of cotton genotypes for yield and fiber quality under water stress

posted on 27.07.2022, 08:21 authored by Itallo H. R. A. Gomes, José J. V. Cavalcanti, Francisco J. C. Farias, Francisco J. R. da Paixão, João L. da Silva Filho, Nelson D. Suassuna

ABSTRACT The objective of this work was to select a cotton line tolerant to water stress, based on yield and fiber quality characteristics. A total of nine cotton genotypes were evaluated (six breeding lines and three commercial cultivars) in two field experiments conducted in Quixeramobim - CE without water supplementation in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Traits related to cotton lint yield and intrinsic fiber quality were measured. Data were submitted to individual and joint analysis of variance, and selection by the selection index. The genetic variability among the materials demonstrates the possibility of significant gains in the cotton selection process. The genotypes CNPA 2013 - 2235 RF FL, CNPA 2013 - 2064 RF FL and CNPA 2012 - 160 RF FL, as well as the cultivar FM 944 GL, had higher production and better fiber quality under rainfed conditions.