Self-regulation of learning in a school context: an approach based on Project Biographical Workshops

ABSTRACT This goal of this article is to understand, using autobiographical narratives, how the subjects perceive and constitute themselves as agents of their own development in the daily life of school experiences, through the process of self-regulated learning. This research was carried out in two public elementary schools, located in the city of Porto Alegre-RS. Thirty students from the 9th grade participated in these studies. The methodological approach was based on the project biographical workshops. The students were organized in groups of five to ten, in seven sessions, each lasting 45 minutes. All steps were taken in the school environment. The analysis of the results was carried out through a differentiated and innovative angle inspired by scenic comprehension. The results demonstrate three scenes that revealed the relationships of the multiple subjects involved, the understanding of themselves through the listening of the other and scenes that were forgotten or repressed. The steps in the workshops helped the participating students to understand how they are built as students and how to organize themselves to regulate their learning, to overcome obstacles and to adapt to the school world. We concluded that the approach inspired by the project biographical workshops could help in reflecting about the processes of learning self-regulation, inserting itself appropriately in an evolutionary dynamic of the educational path.