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The Regional System of Innovations of the ‘Trio Elétrico’ and the promotion of tourism at Salvador, BA: from ‘Fubica’ to the imaginary of cyberculture

posted on 25.03.2020, 02:49 by Moabe Breno Ferreira Costa, Rosana Mazaro, Maria Lúcia Bastos Alves

Abstract The creation and re-signification processes of the Trio Elétrico and the musical production of Salvador, capital of Bahia, invite to reflect on the Regional Innovation System and its relationship with tourism competitiveness of destination, considering economic, technological development, social behavior, and collective memories. Due to this problematization, the objective is to identify specificities of the Regional System of Innovations around the Trio Elétrico; establish its relationship with tourism competitiveness of Salvador; and discussing aspects that influence innovation processes. It is a qualitative research, guided by the critical-dialectical method, emphasizing historical materialism through bibliographic and documentary sources, as well as participatory observation. The attributes of the RSI approach, defined by Hall and Williams (2008), are used as reference framework. The RSI of the Trio Elétrico represents a successful phenomenon defined by an evolutionary line of innovations formed by the combination between creativity of social actors, collective memory, technological development, local culture, and public policy. These factors define a genuine territorial identity difficult to reproduce in other places. In addition, they promote prevailing activities for tourism competitiveness and local development such as generation of business, production of specific knowledge, and articulation between institutions and social actors.