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The development of robotic skills and inventions for social impacts in the context of Mathematics Education

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posted on 2023-05-20, 07:06 authored by Greiton Toledo de Azevedo, Marcus Vinicius Maltempi

Abstract: We aim to identify and understand the process of developing mathematical skills during the production of robotic devices for Parkinson's disease. Based on qualitative methodology, data were collected with high school students, with recorded videos, photographs, field notes, computer programs and interviews. Such data were analyzed in light of the theoretical assumptions of Constructionism and organized into sections that correspond and thematize the inventions developed. The results point to the development of reasoning, argumentation, communication, representation, and engagement among the students. Such mathematical skills are idiosyncratically constituted by the actions and intellectual productions in an environment of mathematical training that favors autonomy and non-hierarchical dialogue. The skills are understood in three dimensions: Technique, Conceptual and Behavioral. Data also show a process characterized by the non-linear and organic dynamics of training, pointing to the rupture of the content-example-exercise triad and the counterproductive bureaucracies of the classroom.


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