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The use of information technology and communication (ICT) for the South American immigrants in Argentina and the shaping of transnational social networks

posted on 26.12.2018, 05:56 by Cecilia MELELLA

Abstract The use of ICT implies a turning point for traditional migration processes because enable the uprooted migrant become a connected migrant. The ICT, especially the Internet, creates a lush universe of possibilities of connection and communication with the countries of origin, with the diaspora and with the community of arrival amending the construction of migrant subjectivity and form and transnational social networks. In this article, we plan to see the relevance of ICT, beyond the conception of tools and cultural artifacts of the public sphere, as devices that migrants turn to build as a referential space, which supports the conservation of regulars links, social networks at origin and mitigate or reconfigure the nostalgia of the absence and return. Through conducting interviews and questionnaires, We intend to study the means and technologies often used by individuals of these groups to communicate with their social networks of origen, the causes of their choice, their frequently uses and the subjects that arouse them their interest when resorting to these technological devices.