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Value Drivers: Scientific Knowledge Advances and Research Avenues

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posted on 2022-11-22, 07:26 authored by Anelise Krauspenhar Pinto Figari, Gilmarques Agapito Costa, Henrique Portulhak, Sayuri Unoki de Azevedo

ABSTRACT This research analyzed the bibliometric characteristics of articles published in the qualified international literature on value drivers, considering the growing academic interest in the subject, the indications about the fragmentation of its discussion, and academic search for the best indicators. Bibliometric analysis based on 14 indicators was performed on 292 articles published between 1997 and 2021 to identify the most influential authors, journals, institutions and countries, the collaboration networks, and the main topics in the research field. A qualitative approach was applied to reveal the main contributions of these articles and to build an agenda for future research. Results confirm the discussion fragmentation due to the identification of six thematic clusters and the debate dispersion across several countries, institutions, researchers, and journals. The ‘intellectual capital’ theme, through intangible assets analysis and covering discussions on trust and organizational reputation, is emphasized. Main contributions highlight the relationship of value drivers with intellectual capital, intangible assets, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability, which indicates the relevance of these themes in identifying elements that can contribute to organizational value.


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