Zornia (Leguminosae) in the state of Ceará, Northeast Brazil

Abstract We present the floristic survey of Zornia occurring in the state of Ceará, as part of the “Flora do Ceará” Project. The study was based on the comparative analysis of morphological characters of specimens in herbaria, samples obtained in field, specialized bibliography, as well as photo-type material. For the State were registered ten species: Zornia afranioi, Z. brasiliensis, Z. cearensis, Z. curvata, Z. guanipensis, Z. harmsiana, Z. latifolia, Z. leptophylla, Z. reticulata and Z. sericea. The species occur mainly in Stepic Savanna (Caatinga), but some were registered in Deciduous Forest (Mata Seca), Savanna (Cerrado), Semi-deciduous Lowland Forest (Mata de Tabuleiro) and Vegetation with Marine Influence (Restinga). Zornia curvata, Z. guanipensis, Z. harmsiana are new occurrences for Ceará state. Three species were recorded in five Conservation Units in state.