"Um retumbante Orfeu de Carapinha" no centro de São Paulo: a luta pela construção do monumento a Luiz Gama

Abstract In this article, we investigate the erection of the first public monument in honor of a black leader build in São Paulo: the bust of Luiz Gama, located in downtown Largo do Arouche. We analyzed the campaign for its erection, the artistic concept of the bust, the difficulties faced by those who directed the initiative in the face of obstacles posed by the public authorities. The entire process, which took place between 1929 and 1931, was carried out by the black-owned press, more specifically by the directors of the newspaper Progresso, independently. In detailing the struggle to bring about the homage, revealing important aspects of the relationship between the black-owned press and the city, this study seeks to demonstrate the strong identity content of the initiative, as well as to specify the dates of the construction and inauguration of the monument.