Curriculum and the MST: knowledge conflicts and strategies in the production of subjects

2018-12-26T04:41:33Z (GMT) by Vândiner Ribeiro Marlucy Alves Paraíso

This article focuses on conflicts around the knowledge offered in the curriculum of two schools of the MST Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (Movement of Landless Rural Workers) and the strategies present therein to produce subjects. It belongs to the field of curriculum in post-critical thinking, incorporating conceptual tools of Cultural Studies and the studies of Michel Foucault. The argument developed here is that although the power-knowledge relations forged in the curriculum of schools investigated have been marked by a predominance of sanctioned knowledge, there is an effort to introduce and teach other knowledges that contribute to develop attitudes in the subjects that are of strategic importance for the production of the Sem Terra (Landless) subject.